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Set-up Help


These documents are designed to help the beginning racer understand how to set-up and check their car for a successful race day. .
This file lets you calculate the average lap speed based on lap time and track distance.
  Average Lap Speed Calculator
  An informative article on chassis setup and how to get the most from driver feedback and communication.
  Chassis Dynamics
  This file lets you calculate your corner weights and percentages.
  Corner Weights Formula
  This file lets you calculate your engine cubic inches, piston speed, piston position, and other engine factors.
  Engine Analysis Formula
  A handy checklist that covers most aspects of pre-race preparation.
  Pre-Race Checklist
  An article covering the theory of cross weight and the effect on a race car.
  Understanding Cross Weight
  An article that explains the theory of tire stagger and how it can effect a race car.
  Understanding Tire Stagger
An article that explains how to maximize tire usage and wear.
  When To Buy Tires