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Hopefully these tips will be of some help in getting your car set up.
If you have a tip that will help others, please send it along to Joe to get it posted.

Getting Your Neck Out of a Jam!

by Joe Lemay, Pro-four # 49 Probably the best safety device to come along in years is the hans device and more of us  hobby racers are wisely investing in one.  Great stuff….if you can get out of it!  The biggest problem I have had is finding the individual talons for the releases especially in …

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Let There be Light

by: by Joe Lemay, Pro-four # 49 …and I said let there be light! How many times have you been staged at night at the back gate of the track only to drop a glove and can’t find it in the darkness. Was taking my daily walk through the junk yard and spotted a convertible …

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A lot of us Pro-4’s are running the good ol’ Mustang/Pinto transmission.   One of these days you’ll find yourself un-able to move her out of gear and that will be due to the roll pin the factory uses to pin the shifter selector.   I use a safety wire thru the pin to keep …

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