The  Pro-4 Modifieds is an exciting competitive division that tours many top tracks throughout New England. In 1978 the division was created and began its career at Seekonk Speedway. The immediate success of the Pro-4 Modfied’s with the fans allowed this division to begin touring New England race tracks. In 1979 the division became know as a limited touring division.

During the 2000 season, the name of the division was changed to the “Southern New England Modifieds.” In 2005 the name changed again to its current name of the “Pro-Four Modified of New England Inc.” to more accurately reflect the area toured in. In 2012 the name was changed to  “New England Pro-Four Modifieds.” And for 2018 Season, We have returned back to the Original and Current Branding as “Pro-4 Modifieds”

There are 52 registered owners and drivers in New England. The division  which is a non-profit organization. also has sister clubs on the West coast, Ohio, Florida, and Canada. There are over 400 nationwide competitors.

This divison is an open-wheel modified series, it is a divison with many veterans and young drivers who take advantage of the learning environment to someday progress to the modified touring series. Our engine sizes are limited to 2330cc’s capable of 300 hp with spec chassis. The weight to horse power ratio allows extrodinary speed and handling.

The cars are setup exactly like the Whelen Modified Tour. The difference is weight, the maximum weight is 2,000 lbs. Cost of ownership is significantly less, the entire tour can be run for less than $8,000 barring a major problem. Come join us and have some fun.